Established by Will Shields, former Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro Right Guard, the Will to Succeed Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, operating within the Kansas City Metro area, facilitates programs, provides assistance and resources to individuals, families and other charitable organizations who have little or no access to other aid. Most specifically, "Will to Succeed" seeks to inspire, guide and improve the lives of abused, battered and neglected women and children.



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The Will to Succeed Foundation, Special Teams Program provides a point of initiation and model of operation for individuals, families, organizations or groups who, through personal charitable actions, want to volunteer, or assist in supporting Foundation initiatives, or help in discovering their own. 
Targeting individuals, families and other charitable organizations in need, resources directly supplied by the Foundation include clothing, toiletries, toys, books, school supplies and educational tools, including computers, cash and a host of other items.  Nurturing experiences and personal opportunities are also provided for those in the inner city who have little or no access to other assistance.

The Foundation believes that it is most important to "take care of home first."  In other words, if there is a family or individual in anyone's immediate neighborhood or area that can benefit from goods collected through your efforts, those people should be identified and assisted first!

What the Special Teams Program provides:

  • Those organizations looking to become involved with charitable projects, an already established strategy with links to  identified outlets, agencies and programs in need of immediate and ongoing support

  • A stable and visible means of promotion and exposure for Special Teams Program participants at their own local level

  • Compounds the efforts needed and returns garnered in assisting those in need from all groups involved with the Special Teams Program and several projects being in motion at one time


  • A board member as a facilitator” between any given program participant and the Foundation.  The facilitator will be the sole means of communication between the Foundation and said program participant and will provide the program participant with appropriate information regarding specific Foundation initiatives and expectations

  • When appropriate, provide a basic, pre-designed plan of operation, a model or ideas for project development and implementation

  • Guidance at the point of charitable distribution as is appropriate and/or a prior, plan of action between the Foundation,  program participant and charitable outlet

Though the “Will to Succeed” Foundation does provide the means for bringing many
organizations together in the cause of helping those less fortunate, the Foundation:

  • CANNOT be directly involved in the actual creation or working motion of any program participant's project at any time or location, accept on the occasion of special arrangement.  We do look forward to staying in contact with you regarding your project's creation and accomplishments.

  • CANNOT be directly involved with the delivery of items to targeted charities.  However, we do look forward to personally providing information about the charities we work with and helping you establish initial contact with those organizations in regard to your deliveries.

  • CANNOT be expected to financially support the participating organization or its project in any way.

  • CANNOT  promise, nor can it be expected that Mr. Shields make personal appearances in relation to any participating organization's project, accept on the occasion of special arrangement as presented to the board in proposal form and agreed upon by Mr. Shields.
    (Your understanding of Mr. Shields' family responsibilities, business schedule and high demand for public appearances is appreciated.)

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