To inquire about volunteering or adding your name to our volunteer list, please provide your specific intent or request, plus your contact information. GET INVOLVED! ► E-mail Us

Currently we have volunteer needs in the following areas:

  • Sponsoring I.C.  Stars Program
  • Specific Foundation projects
  • Donations of any type in support of our many initiatives
  • Clothing, food, toy or other
  • Foundation-sponsored drives
  • Infant care & reading to preschoolers
  • Space in the KC Metro for new programs
  • Repairing computers or appliances

When contacting us consider the following opportunities:

  • VOLUNTEER to help at any of our EVENTS!
  • Back to School Program
  • NFL Computer Room (for kids)
  • Football Camp
  • Golf Events
  • Charity Events
  • I.C.Stars Program Sponsors
  • I.C Stars Partnerships
  • Operation Breakthrough

  • Marillac Center

  • Safe Home

  • Synergy

  • For others see: Who We Help

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Clothing Donations or Drives
  • Book Donations or Drives
  • Toy Donations or Drives
  • Monetary Donations
  • Event Appearances….